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We are all familiar with the idea that a picture can paint a thousand words; every day we are immersed in an unprecedented visual culture which pervades every aspect of our lives.  However, an ancient Chinese proverb with which we are less familiar says,


          “…the tongue can paint what the eyes can’t see”. 


In reality, our voices can convey to others an incredible richness of experience. When voice recordings are replayed and listened to, they can evoke a time, place and emotional affect that is impossible to capture, explain or uncover in quite the same way from other media. 

Our unique audio collection of voice recordings, both analogue and digital, reflects the rapid technological improvements to sound capture and embodies the experiences of a distinctive group of North East people in all their diversity.

A small selection of audio recordings are shared here for you to enjoy.

If you would like to find out more about our audio collection, or if you have any recordings that you would like to donate or bequeath, please contact us for an informal discussion:




Mob:     07925 063078

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