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Reminiscing, telling stories about the past provides us with a flexible and enjoyable way of engaging people of all ages.  Recalling past events helps us to re-awaken aspects of our lives that we hadn’t thought about for years.  Sharing stories with others can help people to feel valued and respected, making sense of the past through actively listening to others. 

Reminiscence can also build bridges between young and old, and is a great way of bringing people together to exchange and share the past and the present.  For someone living with dementia, reminising can be an invaluable therapy, triggering their longer term memories and helping them to ‘join in’ and share their thoughts with others.  

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In reminiscence sessions we use a variety of activities
and materials in order to trigger, and give voice to, the
memories they stimulate.  Many valuable interviews
have been gathered using reminiscence, stories that otherwise would have been lost forever.

One of the strategies we use is to provide "reminiscence boxes" containing everyday objects that can stimulate memories.   The boxes are themed and include



                     1940's onwards
                     Hearth and Home

                     Toys and Schooldays

                     Wedding Days


Groups can dress up for an event or special occasion using costumes from periods from Victorian through to WW11, 1960's, 1980's and beyond.  The collection also includes an extensive range of wedding dresses through the ages.


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