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Our Heritage

Oral history archive and photographic collection

Over 25 years we have generated an extensive and valuable archive of voice recordings and video interviews and have collected photographs and other artefacts kindly donated to us by the many individuals and communities we have worked with. This archive is an important regional heritage resource that we have a responsibility to protect, develop and share.

The Donnison School Buildings

Our experience

We Living History Northeast was established in 1995 as a regional specialist in oral history.  In these 25 years we have worked with many different local and regional partners to engage with individuals, groups and communities, exploring their personal testimonies.  For example we have captured oral histories from the coalmining and shipbuilding communities in the North East, the people who underpinned the UK economy for over 100 years.  Our reach is broad and inclusive; we have worked with older people, black, Asian and minority ethnic groups (BAME) as well as people suffering with ill health like stroke and dementia sufferers, sharing in their experiences and giving them all a voice.

We have also restored and renovated The Donnison School, a Grade 2 listed building in the East End of Sunderland which is now the home of the Donnison School Heritage and Education Centre where we conduct a significant part of our business. 

We also have a new base at the  Elephant Tea Rooms Local History Library @ETR  in the centre of Sunderland for our oral history archive and from where we can also conduct some of our oral history activities once Covid-19 restrictions allow. 

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