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As the North East economy is forging a new image for itself and this is happening amidst its distinctive historical roots in heavy industry. We are actively involved in promoting this changing image of our region, by initiating or involvement in projects which link our industrial heritage with the exciting transformations taking place.  These projects ensure that the heritage embedded in the memories of the families that experienced these times, become part of the new ‘futures’ being created across the region. 

The Keel Line Sculpture

Copyright Living History North East

In 2015 we formed an integral part of the developments of Sunderland’s new city centre Keel Square ‘Propellor’ sculpture and the granite ‘Keel Line Path’ which leads from the sculpture down to the river. The sculpture incorporates etched images of over 500 former shipyard workers and their families - men, women and children - and the granite path is engraved with the names of 6000 ships built on the Wear.  We were responsible for the collection, scanning and preparation of the images eventually used by the sculpture artist and also researched and compiled the names of over 16,000 ships built on the Wear.

We are also part of the team that will spearhead improvements to the Coastal Footpath running from the south of Sunderland to Ryhope, linking to the national UK Coastal Footpath.  This particular part of our regional coastline still bears the traces of its shipbuilding and coalmining past.  The project will help develop the new footpath and create the heritage information points for walkers to enjoy along the way. 


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