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Film & Video

One of our most fundamental human characteristics is our ability to imagine and appreciate what it must be like to be another person, to empathise with their feelings, their beliefs and their motivations. Watching and listening to a film or video of someone talking about themselves, about their life, is a compelling tool with which to rekindle a personal history.  This tool or medium through which to capture and replay an oral history is fundamental to what we do as oral historians.  

Our film and video collection has gathered together the personal histories of hundreds of individuals from the regions’ diverse communities reflecting the changing cultural, economic and social history of our times. 

A small selection of filmed and video interviews are shared here for you to enjoy.

If you would like to find out more about our film and video collection, or if you have any footage that you would like to donate or bequeath, please contact us for an informal discussion:



Mob:     07925 063078

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