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Audio, Video & Photograph Digitisation Services

The digitising of existing audio, video or photographic material is something we can undertake for you as a service.  We have an extensive collection of analogue sound recordings, vinyl, reel to reel, tapes and audio cassette, as well as a growing digital archive. Most of our recordings today, audio or video, are digital because of the high quality that can be achieved, the ability to improve sound or add sub titles to video. Digital copies are also easy to convert into a variety of formats as required for distribution.

Audio  and Video digitisation

Over time analogue media can decay, so we transfer analogue to digital helping to provide greater access and dissemination of oral history interviews for example or other audio material. Digitisation also ensures that we can provide the best quality version of an original as possible, before any further deterioration takes place.  Once we have a raw copy there are a variey of techniques we can use to improve quality.

Film Reels
Film Reels
Cassette Tapes

We also have the facilities to scan original photographs or slides and work with professional photographers if new images are required. 


If you would like to find out more about our digitisation service please contact us for further information: 


Mob:      07925 063078

Image by Roman Kraft

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Images of our city

Making Memories Matter

One of the wonderful stained glass windows in Holy Trinity - Sunderland's old Parish Church

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