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Living History northeast the Regional Oral History Learning Centre 

Living History northeast in Sunderland, records oral histories in all kinds of settings to ensure that important regional heritage is captured, shared and enjoyed as widely as possible. 

Oral history is the recording and sharing of peoples’ personal memories of their life experiences, thoughts and attitudes to life, ensuring that our rich social and cultural heritage about lives lived, or living histories', are captured and kept safe for future generations. 

Over time Oral history enables people’s voices to be heard, opening up a window on the past, personal experiences and generating fresh insights and perspectives on people and other communities and cultures.  This can help us to reflect on our own lives and communities and to imagine  how the lives of others have played out – letting us, '…walk in their shoes'.


Oral History:

Life After Stroke Past Present and Future

Oral History:

Building Bridges of Understanding

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Includes teacher materials

Capturing a life storythat brings together a lifetime of experiences involves carrying out a series of long, exploratory interviews. 


A skilled interviewing technique is needed which helps go beyond themes, like work and play, exploring the unexpected, the unanticipated – revealing the richness of a person’s life and uncovering the constraints and challenges they faced because of the social or economic circumstances of the time. 

Oral History


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Life Stories


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Reminiscing, telling stories about the past provides us with a flexible and enjoyable way of engaging people of all ages.  Recalling past events helps us to re-awaken aspects of our lives that we hadn’t thought about for years. 


Oral History



Sharing stories with others can help people to feel valued and respected, making sense of the past through actively listening to others. Reminiscence can also build bridges between young and old, and is a great way of bringing people together to exchange and share the past and the present. 

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Enhanced Dementia and Educational Awareness Raising: EnDear

EnDear, a funded project helped us to create a new programme of services and outreach for people living with dementia or Alzhiemers that now help us to deliver:

  • Training and outreach services for dementia sufferers and their carers

  • Training and support with reminiscence activities in the wider community.

  • Awareness raising for staff working in these settings

  • Awareness raising with children and young people


We work with people of all ages, bringing them together to create a dynamic synergy, linking the knowledge and experience of the older generation with young peoples’ energy, enthusiasm and immersion in media and popular culture. This practice brings generations together in purposeful and beneficial way which promote greater understanding and respect between generations and contributes to building more cohesive communities. As an organisation we aim to underpin our work with this principle of community engagement.

Oral History


Audio // Video Editing

Recording and Editing Services for
Oral History Projects

Available for freelance and contract jobs

We offer as a service conversion from your VHS, Digital Aid, Audio Cassette, Reel to Reel audio tape to DVD or as digital format. Contact us for price list.

0191 565 4835

Terry Hilton, LHNE,

0191 565 4835

Includes materials for teachers
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