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Our background

We are a team of dedicated oral history professionals, volunteers and partners who work collaboratively on oral history, heritage and intergenerational social engagement community projects.

Our mission statement

We aim to collect, preserve and share people’s oral histories.  We offer a window into the past and a mechanism for reflection that will inspire, entertain and educate people of all ages.  Our vision is that people will have access to our growing archive of personal histories which embody the distinctive culture, heritage and history of our region.   Our values of responsibility, inclusiveness, creativity and sharing underpin everything we do.

Our Vision

Our vision is to reveal the distinctiveness of our regions’ history as well as a focus on historical fact, we look to uncover another layer of history which reveals people’s lifetime aspirations, their beliefs and how they remember and look back on their lives.


We adopt this subjective approach from academic theory in oral history, and continually develop our methods to help us uncover these hidden and fascinating histories.  The nuances of language, local dialects and accents for example communicate feelings and emotions with great intensity and meaning; this would be lost in more conventional documentary histories of the region. 

Our values of responsibility, inclusiveness, creativity and sharing cut across all of our activities as an organisation.  These values ensure that people experience and enjoy the remarkable lives lived by the people of the North East, with respect and authenticity.

Our Experience

Living History Northeast was established in 1995 as a regional specialist in oral history.  In these 25 years we have worked with many different local and regional partners to engage with individuals, groups and communities, exploring their personal testimonies.  For example we have captured oral histories from the coalmining and shipbuilding communities in the North East, the people who underpinned the UK economy for over 100 years.  Our reach is broad and inclusive; we have worked with older people, black, Asian and minority ethnic groups (BAME) as well as people suffering with ill health like stroke and dementia sufferers, sharing in their experiences and giving them all a voice.

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